Global Agenda Dome Defense Raid Guide

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Lynx,

    Awesome guide for DDR. This is really good for those who are new to DDR. Just curious though, do you have any strategy for SR? I know it's a bit hard as there are 3 different maps & the appearance of the enemies are seems random (especially the guardians).

    Havoc is always caused by the guardians and ants. Also, when the Dune Commander arrives, a lot of times I see players focusing on the Commander and tend to forget about securing the perimeters from the mobs (i.e. Robos redeploy their turrets to target the Commander).

    So I'm wondering if you have any effective strategy (team composition, offhand and role of each class) for SR. It'll be good for everyone to know their roles during the raid.



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