Eden Eternal Blade Dancer and Shaman Introduction

Eden Eternal Blade Dancer and Shaman Introduction by eden_eternal

Introducing Two New Classes to Eden Eternal

Along with a level cap, new dungeons, new features, and more zones at Eden Eternal’s Open Beta launch, the addition of two new higher level classes were added for players to unlock! Now every Edenite can be a Blade Dancer or a Shaman.  Below you can find a preview of both!

Blade Dancer

The third unlockable class in the melee DPS tree definitely brings the damage. Players who unlock this class can look forward to dual wielding one hand swords like never before.   The Blade Dancer specializes in doing damage to all nearby monsters, as well as bringing excellent buffs to themselves, and to their entire party.
Eden Eternal - Blade Dancer Class

Here are a few sneak peaks at Blade Dancer Skills:

  • Dancing Blade: At level 15, the blade dancer unlocks Dancing Blade, which strikes all nearby enemies three times in rapid succession in a flurry of destruction.
  • Dance Of War: At Level 25, the blade dancer can kick into overdrive, greatly increasing attack speed and crit rate for the next 20 seconds.
  • Seduce: Upon hitting level 30, the blade dancer  harnesses their suave and charismatic demeanor and charms an enemy for 30 seconds. This will decrease the damage taken by that monster by 50%.


Rounding out the Support/Healing branch is the wise shaman. This class definitely brings a unique new play style to the game. As soon as players don the tribal head dress and staff, they are now able to heal, buff, and damage all around. Shamans can summon totems, stationary allies that buff them and harm their foes. In addition to bringing the heals and the buffs, shamans can hold their own by unleashing nature spells on the enemy to damage, de-buff or stun them.
Eden Eternal - Shaman Class

Here are a few sneak peaks of Shaman Skills:

  • Natural Punishment: At level 5, shamans can unlock this skill that instantly attacks the target with natural energy, offering a 50% chance to stun them for 3 seconds while you finish the fight.
  • Totem of Grace: At level 20, shamans can summon a grace totem at their feet for 30 seconds. This totem will heal the shaman and all allies every 3 seconds, with a chance to remove one random debuff/curse from a party member or the shaman.
  • Black Puma: Upon achieving level 50, players will be able to transform into a puma, greatly increasing movement speed and evasion for a brief period. This gives the shaman unparalleled mobility into or out of the fight.
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