Eden Eternal Acronyms Guide

Eden Eternal Acronyms Guide

AoE – Area of effect
HoT – Heal over time
DoT – Damage over time

Stuff I’ve seen for EE only:
MA – Martial Artist
BD – Blade Dancer
Illu – Illusionist
Eng/Engi/Engine – Engineer

WTS – Want to Sell
WTB – Want to Buy
WTT – Want to Trade
Pots – Potions
DPS – Damage Per Second, referring to damage dealers
DD – Damage Dealer, practically the same as above
AoE – Area of Effect
HoT – Heal over Time
DoT – Damage over Time
Aggro/Malice – Basically what person the monster wants to attack, the more aggro the more it wants to attack you. The two terms can be used interchangeably.
Alt – Alternate Charater/Account
BoE – Bind on Equip, kinda uncommon to hear
Buff – A status that increases attributes
Camping – Staying in one area to farm mobs
Farming – Killing the same kind of mobs over and over again for the drops/profit/EXP
EXP – Experience
Mobs – Monsters
Aggro Mobs -Mobs that instantly grab aggro from someone when going by, red named mobs in this game do this
Crit – Critical Hit
FTW – For the Win
GM – Game Master
GS – Game Sage
Griefer – Someone who harasses, where it be by killing you repeatedly or by taking oyur mobs when farming.
IRL – In Real Life
Zerg – You go Leeroy Jenkins on this and run in with no plan.
Wipe – To have oyur whole team killed off, often a bad dungeon run occurs for a wipe ot happen
Rez- Resurrection, bring another player back to life
Regen – Regeneration, how fast your HP/MP recovers
Pull – To target and pull away one or two mobs from a group rather then pulling the whole group
OMW – On My Way
Nerf – Reducing the efficiency or lethality of a class/skilll, much like how the company Nerf took away the dangers of guns by making it foam and plastic
Loot – Items found on the ground
LF – Looking For
Kite – To run around a mob to avoid damage while sending off skills/attacks till they get close and running again

Boss – The powerful enemy at the end of dungeons
Ninja – Someone who needs something they don’t really need when everyone else greeds, guaranteeing they get the item. This is very very frowned upon.
Drops – Loot from bosses that they literally drop on the ground, at least in this game.
Need – You actually need and can use an item that drops off the boss.
Greed – You only want a dropped item to sell for money.
OP – Overpowered.

1h – One handed weapons
2h – Two handed weapons
IMF – It’s my fault (that happened)
PT – Party
PK – Player Kill
OTW – On the way
AFK – away from the keyboard
QFT – Quoted for truth
BRB – be right back
BoP – Bind on picking up the item
PvM – Player vs Monster
PvE – Player vs Environment
PvP – Player vs Player
GvG – Guild vs Guild´
DC or D/C – Disconnected/Lost connection
Toon – your character Razz
Main – Your main class
Grind – Killing many monster as to gain exp
Whisp – Whisper

GQ = guild quest
RQ = rep(eat) quest
CoD = Cash on delivery (mail selling feature)
CP = character point (mainly for party farming CP points)

J> (name of dungeon/guild/guildquest/party) : Joining
R> (name of guild) : Recruiting
Noob: A name calling referring to someone who doesn’t know how to use their class “efficiently” (note the quotations. Classes usually do not have a fixed usage, and have multiple ways of using them. For example, not all clerics are required to heal. It’s expected of them, but not required)
Nub: Refers to Rhia_Shirubia, or GSRhia ingame. Haha (it’s a joke that people in her guild calls her that) XD
Hate: An even rarer term describing Aggro/Malice, as stated in a previous post
OMG: Oh my God (or Oh my Gosh to some people with… yeah)
WTF: What the f*** (fill in the rest)
WTH: What the h*** (fill in the rest)
PM: Private message. Usually people would say “PM me”, which means to whisper them.
/t : How you would whisper someone by typing out the command.
FFS: For f*** sake

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