Dragon Nest Beginner’s Guide

Dragon Nest Beginner’s Guide by Arkena
So this is my super huge comprehensive guide on typical stuff you’ll find in DN. If you’re reading this guide, you’re either new to DN or you’re curious about what’s in this huge mound of text. Well this covers everything from being popped into DN and getting to a respectable level.

Originally I made this guide for DN KR, but I decided I’ll try to make it as universal as possible to the other versions of DN.

* = Stuff of some concern to NA/SEA
* = Nothing. No really I just felt like putting that asterisk there :|

Ctrl + F is your friend!

Game Interface.
1.1 – List of Menu options
1.2 – Changing your Controls to something more bearable
1.3 – Becoming a hotkey fanatic
1.4 – Chat functions

Quests, Leveling, Apprenticeship.
2.1 – Become a Visual Learner
2.2 – A conserved FTG bar is a happy FTG bar!
2.3 – Having Friends makes your EXP happy!*
2.4 – The Master and the Apprentice*
2.5 – No FTG? Circus and Nests!*

Getting to know your Character
3.1 – Stats, Equipment, Prefix, and Potential
3.2 – ARMs (or Heraldry, whatever the hell you wanna call it)
3.3 – Titles
3.4 – Final Attack

Lovers, Market, and Profit!
4.1 – Abyss Mode and Putting your Master/Apprentice to good use
4.2 – NPCs love you! Become a Pimp :|
4.3 – Trash that shouldn’t be trashed*
4.4 – The Market

What else is there to do?
5.1 – The Dark Lair
5.2 – The Arena
5.3 – The Farm
5.4 – Chaos Realm

Ex.1 – Woop

This guide assumes for the most part that you may know what you’re doing, though as a forewarning..

You will find some info that is not accurate with the version of DN that you play, such as content that has yet to exist (omg!) or slight differences in term or procedure. Remember, this guide is supposed to as universal as possible :|

Game Interface
Ok, so, yeah, Game Interface. Woo. Right. You’ll figure out how to get accustomed to your own personal bubble here.
wasd to move, left click to attack, right click to kick (or special attack), spacebar to jump, G to quick turn. Fun stuff.

1.1 – List of Menu Options
When you press Esc in game, you’ll see 10 buttons in this order :

Help – More detailed information on in-game function.
Controls – Shows you default Keyboard Setup.
Channel Selection – Alternate way of changing channels besides hitting top right channel bar.
Game Options – Allows you to adjust In-game displays, public options, macros, video adjustment.
System Options – Allows you to adjust graphics, sound, control, voice chat.
Return to Village – Self-Explanatory. :|
Character Select – Really now.
Check Rating – See if you’re old enough to be playing this game. If not YOU SHOULD BE SHOT!!!!!!!!11111
Escape – If you’re stuck in an embarrassing situation (stuck literally), use this or /escape to further relieve yourself.
Quit Game – GTFO

1.2 – Changing your Controls to something more bearable
Alright, so you may notice that your skillls are at 1-0 and that you can tab through two bars by hitting ~. You may also realize having this annoying bar of skills can be REALLY frustrating.

So you’ll want to change it to be less masochistic right? well it can be a bit confusing but I’ll explain how you can do that.

You’ll have to go to [System] on the menu to work with your controls.

This is how I have my skills :
1 2 3 4 Q E R Z X C

G to quick-turn
~ to switch through the two bars
0 to Revive
and everything else in an isolated location (ex : num pad)

But wait! There were functions previously in E R and other places! If I try to switch to those the game tells me I can’t.
-You’re going to have to move those keys first to some unused keys on your keyboard, hit APPLY, THEN go back and move your skills into those newly-emptied spots. Yeah it’s frustrating, but there’s no other way about it.

Your preferences may differ from me, but you’re still going to need to move stuff before replacing stuff, provided of course, unless the developers decide to stop being stupid and make it so that there’s no conflict in overwriting keys. :|

1.3 – Becoming a hotkey fanatic
Probably the most useful thing available to us (and also widely abused).

Technically speaking these are best suited for difficult raids such as Seadragon, but we can’t expect that from everyone, now can we :|

F1 = Heal
F2 = Attack
F3 = Follow me (or OMG HURRY UP U NOOB when used by DN NA’s more graceful players)
F4 = Run Away
F5 = Stop
F6 = Help Me (this is fun to abuse if you want to confuse someone ;w)
F7 – F10 is adjustable.

Well knowing that the last 4 hot keys are adjustable, you can shove some revealing facts about yourself in there or whatever. In a foreign version though, these will provide useful for quickslotting some useful phrases.

1.4 – Chat Functions

/s or /1 = general
/g or /2 = guild
/p or /3 = party
/w or /4 = whisper
/r = Last person from whisper

C(default) = Chat Command

You can create a social chatroom or trade room using the Chat command, for when you, you know, get bored or want to try and screw people of their gold for your supar omgawd amazing +11111111 items.

Quests, Leveling, Apprenticeship!
Well what did you expect from an MMO?

Quests in this game tend to be of significant importance, as in, if you don’t do the main ones, you can’t continue.
If you don’t do some side quests, you’ll be missing out on a lot of useful things.

In the foreign versions, Quests tend to be of more concern than grinding, as you get some pretty items, gold, and huge sums of EXP.

IN NA/SEA, you have the option of spending 18 hours grinding your arse off while your mom screams at you to get off the computer then you call up all your friends and scream about how you got to cap level like you got laid for the very first time. Good Stuff.

2.1 – Become a Visual Learner
Some features were added to the game to make getting around just that much easier, provided you lack reading comprehension or are particularly blind to text. :|

Press U in game to bring up your quests. As you can see you have Main Quests and Side Quests.
As you may see, there are these nifty little check boxes you can hit to show the quest on your right side of the screen that will guide you.

Also, many quests give you a visual image of the place or person you need to go to. You’ll become familiar with these places later on.

Types of Quest Bubbles there are to help you figure out what you need to do :

Not shown : The flag symbol. Means you need to rescue someone in your immediate vicinity.

2.2 – A conserved FTG bar is a happy FTG bar!

This is a FTG (Fatigue) Bar. In NA it’s called the Power Bar, or as I like to call it, the Slavery/Grind/Gaybar! bar. Still the same thing as I see it. Refer to the Master-Apprentice System to see why.

As you can see my FTG bar was unhappy and abused. At max level (40+) you will find yourself less inclined to do runs that cost FTG.

Anyways, in Dragon Nest, you have four types of Fatigue :

Event : +1~999 FTG when announced. Covers the other three bars when applied by the GMs. woo events!
PC Cafe : +1000 FTG when in a PC-Bang. Covers the other two bars. Koreans have this advantage ;-;
Daily : +700 FTG every day. That’s your daily allowance :| Covers the last bar.
Weekly : +1000 every week. This replenishes every Saturday (KST). You’re out after that!

Well that’s good and all, but you may be wondering how much FTG is used when doing runs?
Well you’re told the amount in game now, at the starting dungeon window. Doesn’t matter for NA though.

2.3 – Having friends makes your EXP happy!*
Most MMOs tend to kill EXP gain when in a pt, and the solo grind is supposed to be the greatest thing ever.

Well when a man and a woman.. or a man and a man.. get together.. and friendlist each other :|

You end up 9 miliseconds later with this on the top left of your screen.

That there is the friends partying hard together bonus which doubles up as a continuous run bonus.

-You get 15% more exp by being with someone whose on your friendlist and vice versa.
-You get an additional 15% for each run you do together in a party.
Maximum of +15% friend, +45% continuous run, for a total of +60% more exp!

*You probably don’t have this much of an awsome benefit. and if you do that’s great.

The bonus stays as long as a minimum of two people keep the party together.
-Once you’re the last man/bear/pig standing that bonus disappears.

2.4 – The Master and the Apprentice*
So Dragon Nest has this nifty function called the Master-Apprentice System.

If you’re under level 30, you can enroll to someone who is 30+ as an Apprentice, and vice versa.

Now there’s a number of benefits to gain from this system, such as :

-The Master receives NO FTG Penalty while doing runs with the apprentice! (Abyss anyone!? :|)
(The Master needs at least 1FTG to run with the apprentice, and the apprentice still uses FTG.)
-This little thing right here provides you with a 10% exp bonus. You can stack that with friend / continuous party bonus.
-You can have up to 3 Masters. Doing runs with all 3 of them will give you an additional 10% per master, 5% per student.
-Increased drop and chance of White Abyss Bunny appearing at the end of an Abyss run when with a Master.
-Abyss modes for any run in the Prairie – Mana Ridge – Cadillac region will provide you with a guaranteed Dimension Key at the end of a run until the student hits level 24.
-You could also summon your master if they’re in the same region as you. (towns only)
-Every 5 levels you get a present from both sides. Apprentice receives accessories, while the Master receives Gems and garbage.
-You gain more presents as a lv1-30 with Master compared to being level 20-30 with Master.

*You may be void of many of these benefits. Well with the LOLPOWER bar it’s a pretty much definite.

If you want to master/apprentice someone directly without receiving random students, right click them and choose the application button at the very bottom.

2.5 – No FTG? Circus Runs and Nest!*
So once your FTG bar becomes abused like mines, you’re probably wondering if you can still do stuff to gain more EXP.

Option 1: For DN NA, grind the same dungeon for the next 4 hours!

Option 2: Pay a visit to the Circus!

There are three runs here where you can earn a pretty amount of exp.

300 – Available at Level 10. Small Arena where you needa run around and kill 300 goblins, followed by Leonidas Goblin!
500 – Available at level 32. Bigger Arena where you do the same thing except kill 500 orcs and assassins etc until you reach BDSM Goblin :|
St. Haven Defense – Again, level 32. Protect 3 cripples from abusive Orcs until King Orc comes down to get beat up.

Each run gives ~10% exp a completion, for 7 runs a week.
You’re limited to 300 until level 31, after that you can do 500 and St Haven (but you lose 300 ;-;)

When doing 300/500, you don’t want to go fighting like a retard.
The mobs are programmed to chase after you once they’re aware of your existence, so run around until they get into a tight little ball then let loose with an aoe.

*Due to the LOLPOWER bar, you may possibly need to do runs before your FTG runs out instead. Either ways it doesn’t matter since you can just grind your life away!

Anyways, your other option is doing Nest Runs!

Nest runs do not use FTG, and are not solo-able unless you ready yourself with the proper equipment.
-Some of the best sets and plates come out of Nest runs, and a lot of exp too ;w so it’s best to do them in a pt for easy managing.

Getting to know your Character.
You’re probably going to want to know what’s best for your character, so this will explain some of those little things for being powerful.

..because I don’t think your character will be very happy being a melee force user or something along those lines. :|

3.1 – Stats, Equipment and Potential.
Basic Stuff.

1 STR = .5 Phys. Atk (.25 Long Range), 3 Delay, 3 Delay Resist, 2.5 Stun.
1 AGI = .5 Long Range Phys Atk (.25 Melee), 10.5 Critical Resist, 3.5 Critical.
1 INT = .5 Mag. Atk (.75 for Sorceresses), 35 MP, 0.8 Magic Def.
1 VIT = 30 HP, .6 Defense, 2.5 Stun Resist

STR matters most to Melee Swordmaster / Mercenaries, Paladin.
AGI matters most to Long Range Physical Acrobat / Bowmaster.
INT for magic users obviously ;w
VIT is a secondary stat for all characters.

So now you know what your stats are, you need to know what type of equipment matters most for your characters.

Once you hit that max level you’re going to want to make a shift to better equipment.
Typically, Nest Sets (Manticore, Apocalypse, Bishop) are the best, but in order to get those you need to be strong enough to handle em.

With the new Equipment System out now, All equips you get are plain old garbage. Booooo
Anyways what you need to do now is imbue them with a prefix!

The developers have tried to make this game as little reliant on raw power as possible now, but there are still flaws. You can get prefixes such as :
Bear (% chance for delay resist buff),
Wind (% chance for crit resist buff),
Wisdom (% chance to reduce all elemental dmg),
Elemental (% chance to greatly reduce a specific element),
Indomitable (% chance to reduce dmg taken),
Tent (% chance to reduce mag dmg taken),
Flexible (% chance to increase mspd when hit),
Vitality (% chance for stun resist buff),
Life (% chance to recover hp when hit),
Mana (% chance to recover mp when hit).

You may mix these prefixes for some good combinations, such as PvP (Bear is useful when you’re stuck in some crazy hits), or PvE (Indomitable/Tent can reduce a reasonable amount of damage from nasty bosses like Apocalypse.)

Personally I find Life to be pretty good, as you get a ton of mana on enhancement now, and no bonus stats. With a 5 second cooldown on Life activation, a ton of HP, you can stack life for some super healing!

In terms of Weaponry, well same deal, except you have a chance to super hurt someone with an effect, but only applies to NORMAL (left click) hit. I believe I do not need to explain how amazingly gay that is.

Because of this, Destruction (for phys) and Magic (for mag) are the top** for wot you should get on your equips, because you generally get a higher boost in atk, with no regard to the amazing additional dmg boost provided it had worked on skills..

**There is an exception to chars that strike fast with normal attacks though. This new system benefits Axe Mercs and Crossbow Archers the most. with the speed in these equips you could get a life secondary and leech health like nothing from any monster or boss. So unevened but what can you do :|

For accessories, you just want stats that benefit your total damage/health output more. Yey.
-Permanent Cash Shop sets are helpful too, as they give increased Stats for wearing a set!
You can push the good stats out of your equipment by enhancing them at the Black Smith, but if you go over +6 there’s a chance you’ll break them!

Biggest tip for enhancing :
If you fail twice on the same equipment, that’s enough for the day :|
Whenever I fail twice, I fail 4-6 more times afterwards, and I noticed this recurring pattern around me as other people enhance their items.
(You can see if someone’s enhancing cos an icon appears above their head.)

Anyways, you can flaunt your amazing equipment all you want, but it’s no good at all until you unleash its potential :|

In order to get some real power going you’re gonna want to break out the potential on your equips.
How do you do that? You get your hands on some of these :

Applying these to the specified equipment will release its potential in blue when you check your equips.

What stats could you get from Potential?

For Weapons, Armor, and Accessories :
HP, MP, Str, Agi, Int, Vit
Weapons / Rings Only :
Phys, Magic, Fire, Water, Light, Dark Atk
Necklace, Earrings, and Armor Only :
Critical Resist, Stun Resist, Delay Resist, Fire, Water, Light, Dark Def
Weapons Only :
Critical, Stun, MP Recovery, Magic Def

You will get a mix of these stats randomly when you code a weapon/armor/accessory.
-The stats are percentages (ex : Phys Atk 5.8%, Power 4.5%, Agi 4.5% up on an Epic-grade weapon).

Note : If you buy / obtain an Epic-grade equipment, and it’s something you like, potential it first before unsealing!

If you were to code a destruction weapon with stats like the one above in the example, it would be very powerful and sell for a lot ;w
..and if you got a bad one, you could scrap, resell it, or wipe the potential with a destruction code if you spent time to get it +10 or higher.
(destruction code is a bit on the expensive side though ;-;)

How can I get Potential codes now?
With the new system you can do runs and receive tons of them! Doing Abyss runs nets you epic potential codes, and rarely destruction codes. You can even disassemble Epic Potential Codes for Destruction Codes! It’s best to disassemble diamond / crystal codes as theyre the cheapest to transform.

3.2 – ARMs (Heraldry :|).
Anyways you can’t expect Equipment to be the end. The Heraldry System provides you with a lot more power!
If you hit P in game and click the ARMs tab, you’ll see there’s a giant circular area with several indentations.

Outer 8 Slots are for Enhancement ARMs
Enhancement Arms consist of:

Phys Atk, Magic Atk,
HP, MP, Str, Agi, Int, Vit,
Crit, Stun, MP Recovery,
Phys Def, Magic Def,
and Ultimate Plates.

*Note : When you create a Plate for one of these Stats, There’s a possibility you can get bonus stats!
(ex: You create a Lv40 Epic VIT Plate (Basic :80Vit, 7% more total Vit), but when you do so, you have additional phys atk +59 on it!)

Inner 4 Slots are for Skill ARMs
Skill Arms consist of: Just about any skill you have. :| Yeah that was anti-climactic.

The central slot is for Special ARMs, which you obtain from Nest Bosses. Allows you to use special skills!
-Ranges from being able to summon a cow, dog, tentacles, to shooting fireballs out of your ass (hand, but ass would be much better ;w).

You can obtain Epic-grade (best) plates from :
-Cerberus, Manticore, Apocalypse Nest runs
-ARM Scholars in town (Buy them with Dimensional Pieces)
-The Market

You can obtain Rare-grade (meh) plates from :
-The Market!
-Pretty much anywhere.

3.3 – Titles.
I won’t go into much detail here, as I’ve already made a guide to netting yourself the best title!

Accomplishing certain things will reward you with Achievements, some of them being titles.
-You can wear these titles to improve your stats.
-You can flaunt the silly ones for others to see while masking one you use for stats as well.

Learn more about titles in my other guide found here!

*Note : For those creating a new character, it’s best to work on the Hidden Title (Pg10) as it’s the easiest one to obtain for powerful stats!

3.4 – Final Attack!
This is a powerful stat you can receive in the game!
Its effectiveness is based on three things :

-How powerful you are,
-How much of that final damage you got,
-What level you are vs. Other mobs.

Being decked out with godly equipment is vital to this stat, as it increases your total damage by a percentage.

You cannot see a direct stat info of how effective Final Attack is, but..

Chaose5 created a nifty guide that looks into Final Damage. With recent changes I can’t be effed to explain it briefly :|

Epic right? Well you can obtain Final dmg from :
-Nest Equipment Set (ex : Judgement Apocalypse Set)
-Nest Accessories (ex : Dawn of Manticore Set)
-Ultimate Plate (Adds Final Dmg)
-Bonus Stat on other plates (ex : crafting a Destruction Plate with +49 Bonus Final Dmg!)

As far as I know, you can obtain Final Dmg on any enhancement plate as a bonus stat.

*This stat has no use in Dark Lair. Mobs are put 20 levels above max expected level in the game (120, negating level for Final Dmg)

Lovers, Market, and Profit!
There’s a number of ways to make a profit in this game, but I will not discuss the best ones here.
I realized a lot of people I met completely overlooked some of this stuff, and hurt their profits from an early stage.
This should clear up any concerns about what you should be collecting and what you shouldn’t!

4.1 – Abyss Mode and Putting your Master/Apprentice to good use.
So you probably know that Abyss Mode is the hardest dungeon mode for missions, and that it provides a lot of mobs and drops.
-You may also know that having a Master means there’s better drop, better chance of white bunny, and you always get a key.

Low level Abyss runs do not use as much FTG as those in St. Haven, but they can still hurt if you duo, though the reward is great for someone starting out.
From a low level, if you have a Master, you can take advantage and get yourself some cheap / found equips to help you level easier.
-You can also stock up dimension keys to waste in runs with your master in St. Haven for a bigger gain in Dimension Pieces to NPC or save up.

Also, having a dimension key when a White Bunny appears nets you an Epic-grade Skill Plate and a rare NPC gift item.

4.2 – NPCs love you! Become a Pimp. :|
When you start out, you’ll already see that the event planner already has some love saved up for you, well this will happen with a lot of other NPCs too.

You might be wondering what this means, and if it’s of any concern, well..

The NPCs in this game just love being spoiled like a whore with gifts :|
-Feed them steadily and talk to them nicely and many will reward you with gifts of their own.

Whole new system involving the NPCs, they’re now part of several Coalitions!

Giving gifts to NPCs increases coalition points for specific ones, and they’re definitely worth saving up for some VERY NICE benefits!
-You’d be crazy to npc gifts, always turn them in!

Golden Goose Guild :
Made up of the merchants of Altair. Gain the liking of these guys and you’re bound for some discounts!

Cassius Court :
The Royalty of Altair. They’ll provide you with the potential to become a strong adventurer!

Free Venturers Guild :
Made up of all the adventurers in Altair. They’ll provide you with the skills to become proficient at farming!

Press Y(default) in game to see who is a part of what and to check out how many points you have! The UI is very organized and needs no further guide to it.

Some NPCs such as Cassius and Bluff Pope will give you gifts in diamonds for working on them, and other NPCs, such as Lindsay and Ropi, will reward you with rare and expensive gifts..

4.3 – Trash that shouldn’t be trashed.*
When you start out, you’ll find you have some limited space, and a lot of items to sift through.
Well you can imagine just about everything you’re going to get up till level 32 is crap and a half.
So the best advice one could get is to just NPC everything! Get equipment that matters and keep pushing until you’re at that level where gems matter.

Things to consider NPCing – under level 32 :
-Non-color bordered objects, commission board bags (Yes, the ones outside mission runs. Don’t even open them, they NPC for a LOT more than the crap inside.)
-Crappy equipment of all colors. (rares and epic-grades you could sell for a tiny profit on the market if you’re starting out though.)
-Low level plates of all colors. (unless you’re starting out and need some bad stats to scrape by on ;;)
-Gem pieces and lesser gems (again, you can make a minor profit shoving them in the market if you’re starting out!)

Things to consider holding onto :
Dimension Keys, Dimensional Pieces
-Dimensional Pieces are a decision you have to make. Many people stock or NPC depending on whether their Skill Plates are expensive as hell or not :|
-If you decide you’re going to be NPCing Dimensional Pieces for profit, try to rack up enough golden goose points for the VIP benefit!
-Holding onto Dimension Keys in storage from bosses is nice too, because higher level runs = more Dimensional Pieces! (20+ at times)
*If you’re a Force User, Paladin, or Bowmaster, it may be a good idea to build them up for your skill plates.

Intermediate Gems, Diamonds
-They’re mandatory for enhancing the main equipment you’ll be wearing at level 40! Always a good idea to stock and sell.

Epic-Grade Level 32/40 Equipment, Rare Level 40 Equipment
-You can sell popular Epic-grade equipment for a good profit on the market!
-You can also turn those cruddy Epic-grade equips and lv40+ rares into profit at the Disassembly Machine outside of every town (after enhancing that is!)

Dark Lair Tickets
*TIP : Use your Mailbox as a secondary form of storage! Build up your Dark Lair and Circus Tickets in there and pull when needed.

Goddess Tears Lv32/40
-Well it’s really your decision, but they become a daily event for you once you hit level 16.
-You can use these to get some sexy effects for your weapons! (50 tears though.. Not as bad as before.)

*I’m sure these low level garbage are worth a bit in NA/SEA right now, so you can disregard this information until next year most likely.

4.4 – The Market.
That one big thing any game cannot live without. :|

Well it’s a straightforward deal, search for what you want in it.

Things to know about selling :
You can have up to 5 items up at a time, a total of 30 items in the market a week.
-Items stay up for 12 hours. You get charged tax for putting up an item.
If you use a Special Market Coupon, you can have 15 items at one time, unlimited amounts per week, for 30 days.
-Your items will also receive priority sorting, showing up in a golden border on the market for 24 hours.
-No tax is charged for putting up an item.

By default, when you enter the market, you’re adjusted to seeing only items that pertain to you.
A neat thing about the market too is if you wanted to find an item you currently have, hold SHIFT + Left Click on that item!
-The Market will automatically adjust the search function to find exactly this item and any other item of color value and level.

What else is there to do?
As with all MMOs, there’s spare shit to do outside of the grinding and money whoring and whatever else generic crap MMOs do these days.

5.1 – The Dark Lair
This is a no-FTG use zone. There’s a few rules when it comes to Dark Lair :
1. You do not talk about Dark Lair
2. You do NOT talk about Dark Lair.
3. If you get wiped out by monsters, you’re out period.
4. Up to 4 characters in a run.
5. One round at a time.
6. No Final Dmg Benefit.
7. Rounds will go as long as they have to (unless specified ;w).
8. If this is your first time in Dark Lair, you’re most likely going to die. :|

There are two modes to Dark Lair, and more will be out in the future hopefully!

Albeuteuraum of Jealousy
Available once you hit Level 15.
-The goal is to protect the Statue for 23 Rounds!
-Sometimes a Duck will appear. Kill the Duck to heal the Statue.
-Staying Near the Statue recovers all your HP and MP.
At various rounds Yongchu Seeds Will be hiding in the far end of the maps controlling mobs.
-You must kill these robed bastards otherwise the mobs will forever respawn.
Completion of Jealousy will net you several titles and a bonus duck that drops a Special Plate that lets you summon a dog.

This place is also an alternative for EXP, though dreadfully boring.

The Dark Lair (Also known as “Haters gonna Hate”)
Available once you hit Level 20.
-The goal is to get to Round 35 and kick Geraint’s ass!
-Every 5th round is a boss. Beat the Boss Round and you get angry at lack of benefits.
-After every boss round is a bonus round to recover your HP
-There are various Stat Boosters and MP Recovery items at the edges of the arena.

*Talk to Dark Priest Sue once a day for two Dark Lair Tickets.

5.2 – The Arena
Where you can PVP, obviously.

Come here to show how big or small your E-Penor is. You can earn medals from wins, but the rewards aren’t great at higher levels.
-Also a great way to exercise if you’re really gung-ho about pvp. In Korea, you can Cry and Scream and Break your keyboard as you get ownt by Professional Gamers! in NA you can just cry and scream NOOB at one another while you continue to fail.

5.3 – The Farm
The Insane Asylum- I mean Farm is an addition for players to enjoy life as a hippie. :|

You can Farm, Cook, and Fish.

The key item in the Farm are the dishes you can make from Cooking! You’ll need to fish for the broth materials, and farm for the fruits and vegetables to create Pots.

Because food made from the Farm system is so awsome, materials tend to be of good profit. AFK fishing brings in a steady income on the market!

I will go into more detail on this later after Nexon KR makes another impending change to the farm (coming soon :|)

5.4 – Chaos Realm
An odd place where bunnies frolic, the Chaos Realm allows you to get materials to create some amazing Accessories, as well as materials for prefixing your equips!

Chaos Realm is considerably harder than Abyss runs, and doesn’t give EXP. instead, you’ll receive Shining Fragments that are used to make Accessories that improve your skill levels. Yes that’s right, you can craft accessories with random stats that will boost your damage even higher. The hard work can pay off if you get good stats.

It’s also a good substitute for doing boring mission runs for prefixes. I’m sure people on DN NA will be vomiting by the time they get this release.

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4 Responses to “Dragon Nest Beginner’s Guide”

  1. Can I just use reset codes if i dont like the hidden abilities (for instance) my weapon has?

    "and if you got a bad one, you could scrap, resell it, or wipe the potential with a destruction code"
    — does this mean the destruction code is the reset code? XDDDDDDDDDDDDD Sorry, man. I'm new to this XD

  2. bookmarking this for future reference. Thanks

  3. I am a newbie and I have fun reading this guide. Very useful too, thanks for mentioning all the aspects in the game a newbie might otherwise miss.

    @poster above. Show a little more appreciation for things you are getting for free. This guide is perfect for those who don't want to wade 50 pages of text just for measly information regarding ftg.

  4. No offense, but this isn't really a good newbie guide. There's too much jargon for a real newbie (a level 13 like myself) to understand what you're referring to. For instance, you never explained what the fatigue bar actually does. There's also some numbers under there but I'm not sure why they're important (why do Koreans have the advantage?) What is a destruction/potential code for? And at what level should I be expected to care about it? What about Dark Lair? What's the point of going there, and at what level? There needs to be a clearer section on the abyss and what to do with the box keys. What kinds of rewards come out of them? Again, at what level should I care? Ditto for the Albeuteuraum of Jealousy.

    Basically, for every topic I want to know: what, why, when and how. What is it, why should I care, when (at what level) is it important, and how to use it.

    Also, I'd appreciate it if you included the more annoying aspects of this game that might startle someone who is not familiar with the cash-shop extortion methods that Nexon is known for. For instance, how the number of revives for yourself and party is limited per day and if you run out, the only way to revive is to buy revive scrolls from the cash-shop. That also goes for the mail, inventory space, and the market.

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