Dark Orbit Skylab Beginner’s Guide

Dark Orbit Skylab Beginner’s Guide by Sephiroth

Skylab is the new updated feature of the game.
There are many possibilities and positives to use this for.

First I’ll go through the main things you will need to get the best out of the Skylab.

Main Modules:
Prometium Collector
Endurium Collector
Terbium Collector

Secondary Modules:
Prometid Refinery
Duranium Refinery
Promerium Refinery
Xeno Module

1 – Main resources

This picture shows the 3 main resources you will need to progress through the Skylab.
Theses resources can be used for a few things:

  • Upgrade any of the modules higher (also need credits or uridium)
  • To produce Prometid & Duranium
2 – Ore amounts and limits

This image shows the amount and limit of the Ore.
Before the bracket (345/8765) highlighted red, is the current amount you have ready to use.
After the bracket (345/8765) highlighted yellow, is the current limit you can carry in the lab.

3 – Power, Level, Solar power, Activity.
  • The power button is the red circle at the start.
    Click this to turn on and off a module you don’t want to use.
    While it is turned on, it will produce the Ore you’re wanting.
  • The current level of the module is shown by the mini blue bars with the level next to it.
    On each upgrade the number will change but the bars stay the same.
  • Solar power icon is the yellow bolt, this indicates how much Solar power is needed for this module to be active.
    More information on the Solar Module further down.
  • The cogs will shows when the module is active or not.
    Currently in the picture it is turned off, once turned on it will be 100%.
    The picture below shows a module turned off from the Info section, which are highlighted in the red boxed.
4 – Solar Module

This is the Solar module which is very important to have when upgrading other modules.
This one is currently a Level 2, with currently using 150 Solar power with a limit of 210.
This means adding all the solar power from all modules equals 150, this will go up after every upgrade of any module.
The 210 limit is the highest the solar this can hold on this level of module, this means certain modules will not work if you go over the 210 limit.
Upgrading this will allow a higher Solar Power Limit, meaning you can upgrade more modules.
So upgrading this Solar Module is important to your other ones running.

The picture below shows each Energy Comsumption for each module you have.

If the energy is zero this means you either don’t have that module or you have turned it off.

5 – Storage Module

The storage module is another important thing to have upgrade.
This will allow the limit you can hold to get higher after each upgrade. (as shown in number 2, limits)
This will also help you when transporting Ore to the SkyLab.

Below shows the how much production each resources is making, which is in green.
It also shows what you currently have in white.

If you do not have any of the secondary modules active then the main modules will be at full production.

6 – Transport Module

This picture shows you how to transport Ore back and forth from the lab to your ship.
First you’ll need to enter the amount you wish to transport, then by clicking on the arrows you can choose where you like to transport it to, The picture currently shows I want to move Ore to my ship.
If you wish to have a fast instant transport you’ll have to pay 1250 Uridium each time, or you can just click send and have to wait a certain amount of time till it arrives.
This also is the only module you cannot upgrade, level 1 is the highest.

7 – Upgrading Modules

The above picture shows you the upgrading section of the module.
Here it tells you:
– How much uridium it costs
– How many credits it costs
– How long it takes
– How much of each primary ore it takes.

You need to have each of these currently to upgrade, except uridium if you’re just upgrading with credits.
Once you’ve decided how you’ll upgrade simply just click the button.
After each upgrade it will increase the of price needed, If will also increase how much ore is produce and how fast it is produced.
So the higher the level the better.

8 – Basic Module

This module is a must have to upgrade other modules.
You cannot upgrade any module above the level of the Basic Module.

As seen in this picture you can see it is a level 4, this means you cannot upgrade any module above level 4.
It also shows each level of the other modules.

9 – Producing Ore

To produce ore is pretty simple, once you’ve upgraded your modules to level 1+ you can start gaining ore.
All you have to do is activate the modules. This has been shown above.
The higher the levels the more you produce.
The below picture shows how much Ore is needed to produce Ore and how much is being produced, this is with all the secondary modules online.

In the red boxes is what is being produced by the previous module(s), also what is needed to produce ore in the next module.
In the blue boxes is what has been made so that the next module can produce the much better Ore.
So after all this has been produced the final out come is the new awesome ore Seprom.

Many Thanks To WhiteLazer

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