Vindictus Boat Trip XP and Soloing Guide

Vindictus Boat Trip XP and Soloing Guide by Tor

Perilous Ruins

Looking at the data here, Decisive battle gives the most EXP for low levels. Once you get the quest, Trample plains will give the most EXP if you solo. However Trample Plains is insane compared to other levels. It’s probably not worth it to solo.

Boat Oath Combat EXP Battle EXP Total EXP
Fomorian Emblem 2 or Fewer (500) 445 1000 1945
Gold Leather Win in 15 mins (600) 645 1300 2545
Gwynn’s Request Die < 10 times (700) 746 1900 3346
Wind Through the Ruins Macha (1500) 885 2400 4785
Friends? Win in 12 Mins (1400) 1959 2700 6059
Decisive Battle Macha (2500) 1764 4200 8464
Revenge Macha (2500) 1443 4200 8143
Trampled Plains Macha (8100) 3546 16800 28446

Trampled Plains

I don’t remember it exactly, but this is a higher level boat trip. I’m guessing you get it at level 30. Soloing it will be tough. Especially at 30. Spear Lanns usually have the easiest time with this level. Then Fiona and lastly Evie.

IMO, if you can solo this level you are a pro. This solo is for giggles. It’s not an effective way to gain more exp out of your tokens.

Hoarfrost Hollow

Boat Oath Combat EXP Battle EXP Total EXP
Hoarfrost Hollow No Potions (2100) 740 2800 5640
Southern Rock Cliff Win in 6 mins (2200) 1054 3400 6654
Western Ice Passage No Feathers (2400) 1701 4100 8201
Meet The Cave Spiders None 1586 4100 5686*
Another Slingshot Macha (2600) 1568 4800 8968
Final Slingshot Macha (4200) 1816 6900 12916
Fomorian Order 2 or Fewer (3800) 2620 6900 13320
Frost Stones Win w/o Armor Repair (4000) 2339 8100 14439*
Brynn’s Research Macha (4400) 2303 9700 16403
Source of the Rumor Macha (3300) 1952 7200 12452*
Kobold Chief Macha (6200) 3504 11200 20904
Dethrone the White Tyrant Macha (5500) 904 15600 22004
Prepare for Counterattack Macha (8800) 2133 14700 25633
Culprit Behind the Disturbance Macha (8800) 3080 15000 26880
White Tyrant’s Challenge Win w/ 4 or fewer (17400) 763 37800 55963

Meet The Cave Spiders

This is a hidden quest. You need a scroll called the “Battle Info: Spider Cave” Dropped by Red Spiders. To obtain it in Brynn’s Research, there is a unique spawn of Red Spider which drops it. This is found in the area with two bridges (the area following the battle with Eflame). Walking near the lower alcove causes it to spawn. It always leaves behind an Evil Core. It can also drop Soldier Spider Webs, which normal Red Spiders do not drop.

Frost Stones

There’s actually two max exp that you can get for this level. It depends on which map you get. The two maps that I have encountered so far are one with and one without the King Icedreges. The stat above is without. I’ll have to redo the quest to see what the exp for the other outcome.

Source of the Rumor

There are bosses in this level that will run away. In the above information I didn’t kill any of them. Forgot to bring spears =/ U have a chance I think to kill 4 of them which should boost up your exp a bit more.

Kobold Chief

Under the “Warrior’s Challenge” Oath, which is solo mode, you will only have to deal with 1 random map instead of the full 3 maps. This cuts your time down by up to 5 minutes. Also you get around 16,000 EXP for under 10 minutes of work.

There’s two random maps that you can get. A really short one and then a really really long one. IMO if you really want to go fast, if you get the long, just forfeit and redo the boat for the fast one.


Boat Oath Combat EXP Battle EXP Total EXP
A Town Engulfed Win w/o Armor Repair (4200) 2106 7000 13302
Hell Beyond the Door Macha (5200) 5396 9600 20196
Ellis’s Trust Armor Destroyed < 5 times (4600) 3076 8800 15676
Wake Up Call 2 or Fewer (6600) 4636 12000 23232
Friend or Foe Solo (5600) 3377 8600 17611
Piercing the Crescent Moon Macha (6500) 4192 10800 21492
Ulchas’s Relic Macha (7200) 5259 12000 24459
Dead End Street Macha (9000) 3868 15000 27868
Being from the Other World Macha (9100) 5931 16800 31831
Blood Prince Macha (17200) 4114 26000 47314

Wake Up Call

This might be one of the easiest runs in ainle. You geta decent amount of HP. You’re thinking “WTF is this noob talking about” Because you have to fight two bosses at the end right? Wrong. The 2nd mini boss will only attack you, if you at the other end of where you entered the zone when they get to the final cutscene. So before that, make sure you lure all the monsters prior to the boss fight to where you first started out or near the entrance. Then kill them, let the cut, scene happen and only the main boss will attack you. It takes two freaking minutes to kill him with a level 26 fiona. 5-8 minutes to super speed run and 20k easy exp.

Blood Prince
Once you reach 31 and do a few blood prince runs, you should be pretty comfortable with it. Once you get his movements down I would probaly starting soloing right away. It takes about 15-20 minutes to solo. Also don’t do macha. Just do something simple. You’ll still get like 40k exp. This will save you tokens on days with long token resets like Monday-Thursday.

Ruins of Sanctity

Boat Oath Combat EXP Battle EXP Total EXP
Prairie Entrance Equipment Destroyed < 10x (6400) ???? 12400 ????
Red Archer Win w/o Armor Repair (7400) 10337 14900 32637
Prairie Gnoll Macha (9800) 5731 16300 31831
Spider Overlord Macha (11000) 34713 20400 34734
Hunter at the Ruins Macha (11000) 13690 20400 45090
Ruins of Sanctity Macha (10800) 11101 22500 44401
The Five Spider Brothers Macha (9300) 5206 15800 30306
Gnoll King, Ruler of the Ruins Macha (????) ???? ???? ????
Goliath Two or Fewer(13600) 12441 24600 50641
The Fleeing Gnoll King Macha (6500) ???? ???? ????
Hidden Macha (26800) 3240 40700 70740

For a hidden quest, and one that you get pretty early this one is quite simple. The boss is probably one of the easiest on boat 4. And you get 50k exp on an easy oath. It took me about 10-15 minutes to do this run.

Wow oh wow. This one gives a ton of EXP. If you know how to solo this bad boy, which is a lot easier than Red Tyrent you get 70k EXP. Don’t even have to put Macha. Do one of the easier one’s and you still get close to 70k EXP.

If you are an Evie class, this is the easiest raid boss to battle. Because you can blink through him. For Fiona you can counter many of his moves. As for Lann…no clue. Lol. Don’t have a high level Lann. So I can’t make any suggestions.

To Solo Or Not To Solo

Tis the question. From personal experience soloing is only necessary when you need to save your tokens. This is usually on Monday-Wednesday night because this is the longest time between token reset. So it’s more probable that you will run of tokens.

When you solo you might as well add 5-10 minutes to the total time it takes to finish a quest compared to with a full party.

That’s the major drawback. You can weigh it and see how you like.

Party Of Two

I noticed that when you party with two, you get about 65-80% of the total max exp and you cut down the time it takes to finish a run by up to 50%. This might be more of an ideal time and token saver than soloing for max exp. The exp depends on the level difference between the two party members I believe.

When To Start Soloing

IMO you can start soloing right away. From 1-20. Then you’ll probably have to party with someone for the White Tyrent and Prepare for Counter attack. Then I’ll start soloing again all the way to Red Tyrent. Obviously you want to get use to each boss before soloing. But if you are starting a new character from another character you had and you are comfortable with your skills. By all means Solo all the way.

For those trying to get to levels 26-30. I would recommend Ellis’s Trust| for 20k EXP on macha and it takes like 10 minutes to finish the entire thing. Easy EXP. For those that also want money and exp for a total of 15-20 minutes. I would recommend Prepare for Counterattack for 25k and up to 23k in gold.

Originally Posted by hiddenshade
Hey I have a suggestion/input. If you want to level the fastest with using the max potential of your tokens, I’d do Being From the Other World(lv26-30) because it gives the MOST EXP per “tokens(2-4 depending on how much you played). So I guess it in a way is the “fastest way” to level.(Assuming you use all your tokens) Since it gives you more bang out of your tokens. Lol.

Let me try to clarify with an obviously dumbed down hypothetical example: You can get a total of 100k exp from using all your tokens in 2 hours.Now you ran out of tokens. Can’t play until ___. Or you can get a total of 200k exp from using all your tokens in 10 hours. No more tokens.Technically number 2 is “slower” but you get more exp from all your tokens.

Also, if you don’t want to waste your tokens for solo Being From the Other World tomorrow, I could do that for you since I need to get to lv 31 anyways.

Sorry if I don’t make sense. I’m tired and I think what I said was logical x_x.

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