Allods Online Gear Upgrading Guide

Allods Online Gear Upgrading Guide by kolasi

So I’ve noticed some people are wasting money/reagents/spare gear upgrading without knowing how to do it efficiently.
Heres the rundown:

Reagents – Cinnabar, amalgam, and Realgar.

Cinnabar being the lowest reagent, buyable from the Refinery Master. Good for finishing off items at 80% or higher, for gauranteed success without having to use amalgam or realgar.

Amalgam is the second upgrading reagent, obtainable via AoD, Melting Isles, June Catacomb chest spawns, June catacomb bosses, or for battling another guild in AC (Not sure what this amount is dependant on; ive heard of each player receiving anywhere from 300 to 1200 grains of amalgam, so 3-12).
amalgam is good for upgrading gear below Legendary->Mythical, or even using amalgam to finish off a legend->mythical transition.

Realgar is the highest grade reagent for upgrading, only obtainable from Occupying or plundering an allod. This reagent is more effective, but also can be hard to get your hands on. Realgar is good for upgrading gear from legendary->mythical, or if you’ve got some that may be expiring soon, an epic->legendary upgrade in a high desired slot (Shirt, pants, chestpiece, weapon, etc). In the end, it’s all about what you think is worth it.

Note:you can only upgrade gear with other pieces of gear that are exactly the same name+gear slot. You also can only upgrade level 45+ gear (currently only from astral).
Now, on to what the upgrading screen means.

Take note of whats everything says here. I have an epic belt with 0% progress on it currently, with a blue belt being used as a catalyst, and amalgam as the reagent.
The “Chance to be Refined” that doesn’t move is 10% currently. That means theres a 10% chance I will instantly succeed in upgrading the belt, going from epic to legendary on my first try. This number is 15% with realgar.
The highlighted progress bar is the percent that will be added to completion. Heres an example:
These are my pants, currently with 17% progress towards Mythical status. Each time you attempt an upgrade, the amount of progress you acquire and chance at instant success will increase.

Notice the status bar is showing 21% instead of 17%. This is because im using 2 amalgam instead of 1… Not too practical considering its a 4% difference, but this may be the deciding factor later on. I personally would just go with 1 for my first attempts.
However later on when my item is at 75% or something, and I start to upgrade… I will use 2-3 amalgam for a 100% chance of success as opposed to get 95-99% progress and saving myself an amalgam. Sucks to have to spend another 200g and more reagents to upgrade an item that could’ve been done with.
Notice with my legendary shirt using an epic shirt as catalyst, theres a 0% chance at instant success. This is because from legendary->mythical, atleast on first upgrade attempt, amalgam won’t provide an instant success chance whatsoever, only progress completed. This is where realgar comes in handy. Using realgar here would provide a 10% chance at instant success… Though the chances are slim, the amount of money/reagents saved to be used on other items is pure awesome.

Just as a last note, when upgrading gear using CURSED items in either slot, the resulting item (whether instant upgraded or not) will indeed be cursed… This means i almost always suggest uncursing an item before you use it as a catalyst, or you may end up requiring a higher level purification scroll. The only time I recommend NOT uncursing it is if its your first blue for that gear slot… keep your current gear and stash the cursed blue until you get a few more — Combine 2 cursed blues first, so even if it instantly succeeds, the purification scroll cost would be the same as before. If it doesn’t succeed which is more likely, you’ll only have to pay for 1 instead of 2.

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