Allods Online Free Blessing Guide

Allods Online Free Blessing Guide by ninim_

Every adventurer in Sarnaut has his or her own patron who watches over them and helps them in battle. Your patron will give you useful spells, let you improve your gear by engraving runes into them, and gives you a significant boost to your attack and healing power.

To be able to enjoy these perks, however, you need to have the blessing of your patron active. While some people will tell you the only way to get the blessing is by buying incense for real life money, it is not only possible but very easy to get your patron’s blessing completely free.

Here’s how!

The simple way: instant 4-hour blessing

To receive your patron’s blessing for four hours, all you have to do is talk to Marianne de Ardeur in Novograd or Elizaveta Rysina in the basement of Yasker’s Tower in Nezebgrad.


They will give you the quest “The Martyr’s Blessings” that is completed simply by talking to them and rewards you with an instant blessing that lasts for four hours. You can get this blessing once a day, so if you only play for a couple of hours every day, you can get by with just doing this quick quest before you begin adventuring.

However! If you already have a blessing active, instead of getting four hours of “basic” blessing you will receive the effects of a strength/intelligence and stamina potion for four hours. This effect doesn’t expire when you’re offline and it’s a serious boost to your stats – well worth getting!

If you want the potion effects, or if you simply want to play for more than four hours a day, there is another quest to help you out.

The proper way: “Regular Customers” quest

The Rune Supply Merchant (Mysterious Family in Gibberling District, or Semer Nemar in Yasker’s Tower) will give you a daily quest called Regular Customers.


This quest requires you to go talk to five different people around the first few zones, and it’ll take around 15-20 minutes to complete when you know your way. The reward? A cone of Incense that grants you your patron’s blessing for 24 hours, AND a Scroll of Knowledge that grants you double experience / reputation / Combat Glory for 30 minutes!

If you are level 15 or beyond, chances are you already have this quest available. If not, there are a few steps you need to do in order to unlock this quest.

Step 1: Reach level 15
Step 2: Get level 2 Patronage with your patron
Step 3: Complete the rune tutorial quests

After this, you will have unlocked the Regular Customers quest!

Now let’s look into these steps in detail.

Step 1: Reach level 15

You can’t get level 2 Patronage until you are level 15, and so you can’t unlock the daily quest before that either. Luckily, below level 15 your blessing is more of a luxury than necessity, and the seven free cones of incense you should have gotten at level 4 or so should be more than enough to get you this far.

Step 2: Get level 2 Patronage with your patron

First, you need to locate the NPC that gives you the quests for level 2 patronage.


For League, it’s Feodor Vetrov in Cape of Good Hope in Siveria. For Empire, it’s Sarang Ahmes in AD Division in ZIT.


Note: The easiest way to get to ZIT is to find a Nezebgrad Guide and take the quest A Glimpse Into Patrons from him; along with the quest he will give you a scroll that teleports you to ZIT.

The quest you need to do first is Preparing for Initiation for League or Collecting Astral Dust for Empire; both involve getting 12 Astral Dust from specific mobs. This quest is nothing special.


After you’ve completed the quest, you will get another quest: Astral Resistance for League, Battle with the Demon for Empire. For this quest, you need to go to a specific spot and scatter the box of astral dust in your bag. This summons an astral demon which you must fight. This should be easy enough, the demon is pretty weak.


When you turn in this quest, your Patronage level will grow to 2. Your damage bonus when having blessing on is doubled, and you get a new patron spell, Martyr’s Gift. Congratulations!

Step 3: Complete the rune tutorial quests

You can get the first quest for this questline right away after getting your level 2 patronage. The first quest is A Simple Test, where the druid / shaman will summon his pet and ask you to fight it – first as you are, then with the effects of level 5 runes. This is meant to demonstrate how big an effect runes have in this game. Note that you have to talk to the NPC and “ask to fight the bear” or “ask to fight the goblin”.


After these quick quests you are sent to the Rune Supply Merchant to complete a set of rune tutorial quests. Note: for Empire, you get this quest from Sarang Ahmes again, not Simar the Forester.


Once you get to the rune merchant you will be guided through simple quests that teach you to engrave, remove and combine runes.

After you’re finished with these quests – ta-dah! The “Regular Customers” daily quest is available. No more moaning over lack of incense!

That concludes my guide. Have fun!

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