Facebook Social Empires Collections Guide

Facebook Social Empires Collections Guide

Collection Item Area Found Collected From Reward
Mysteries of the sand Egyptian Hieroglyph Pyramid
The Pharaon Mask Pyramid
Pot Pyramid
Written Papyrus You Empire Harvesting Trees Pyramid
Horus Statuette Pyramid
Ye Old Chest Wooden Surface Treasure chest
Curved Plank Treasure chest
Golden Lock Treasure chest
Treasure Map Treasure chest
Large Nails Treasure chest
Flower Power Red Rose Garden
Sunflower Garden
White Lily Garden
Blue Geranium Garden
Soil Fertilizer Garden
A Renaissance Touch Golden Rivet Golden Fountain
Golden Statue Golden Fountain
Solid Column Golden Fountain
Intricate Brick Golden Fountain
Pure Water Golden Fountain
An Ancient Discovery Brown Fur Frozen Mammoth
Tusk Frozen Mammoth
Ice Block Frozen Mammoth
Ancient Peanut Frozen Mammoth
Fossil Footprint Frozen Mammoth
The Hunting Threat Leather Braces Killing big trolls Axe thrower
Large Fang *Killing big trolls Axe thrower
Leather Harness Artic Isle Axe Thrower Axe thrower
Horns Helmet Killing big trolls Axe thrower
Sharp Axe Artic Isle Yeti Boss Axe thrower
An Arctic Discovery Cold Water Enemy Empire Healer/Cannon Penguin
Smelly Fish Penguin
Solid Igloo Killing the Yeti Penguin
Snow Ball Enemy Empire Heavy Knight or Long Swordsman Penguin
Egg Artic Isle Yeti Boss Penguin
Snow Journeys Blue Pelt Enemy Empire ?troop? Yeti
Sharp Tusk Yeti
White Fur Yeti
Chipped Horn Enemy Empire ?troop? Yeti
Giant Claw Artic Isle Yeti Boss Yeti
The Diabolic Appearance Gold Boots War Troll
Skull Belt War Troll
Golden Earring Unknown Isle Ravanger Troll War Troll
Black Ponytail Artic Isle Battle Troll War Troll
Sword War Troll
Scent of magic Cloth Hat Enemy Empire Archer Wizard
Cloth Tunic Enemy Empire Archer Wizard
Wooden Rod Wizard
White Beard Ravager Trolls / Skeletons Wizard
Magic Spell Book Desert Isle *Killing Golem Wizard
A mortal trap Mud Crocodile Pit
Stone Crocodile Pit
Frog Crocodile Pit
Cannibal Piranha Crocodile Pit
Ferocious Crocodile Crocodile Pit
The Circle of Life Delicate Statue Life Tree
Strong Roots Your Empire *Harvesting Trees Life Tree
Small Branch Life Tree
Pink Leaves Life Tree
Life Seeds Life Tree
Sentence of Death Wooden Shackles Guillotine
Strong Planks Guillotine
Head Bucket Guillotine
Rope Guillotine
Guillotine Blade Guillotine
Trapped in the Darkness Cell lock Prison
Iron Bar Prison
Chain Prison
Iron shackles Prison
Prisoner Suit Your Empire Harvesting Stone Prison
Hero Tribute Stone Pedestal Solider Statue
Stone Legs Big Troll Solider Statue
Stone Chest Solider Statue
Stone Helmet Solider Statue
Stone Sword Solider Statue
Trolls best friend Red Necklace Your Empire Harvesting Trees Fly
Tasty Bone Unknown Isle Ravanger Troll Fly
Brown Fur Fly
Red Balloon Mysterious Isle Treasure Chest Fly
Sky Mask Desert Isle Stone Golem Boss Fly
Little ball of fur Cute Necklace Your Empire *Harvesting Trees Mishy
Tuna Can Your Empire Boar Rider Mishy
Fur Devious Trolls Mishy
Small Sleigh Bell Undiscovered Isle Treasure Chest Mishy
Wool Ball Artic Isle Yeti Boss Mishy
Bare bones Fleshy Bone Your Empire Harvesting Stone Skeleton
Rusty Sword Artic Isle Axe Thrower Skeleton
Rotten Skullcap Enemy Empire Archer Skeleton
Shriveled Shield Unknown Isle Treasure Chest Skeleton
Evil Skull Desert Isle Stone Golem Boss Skeleton
A Monstrous Ally Leather Shoulderpad *Killing Axethrowers Ravager Troll
Eerie Helmet Ravager Troll
Reinforced Bracers Ravager Troll
Jaw Bones Ravager Troll
Spiked Hammer Artic Isle Yeti Boss Ravager Troll
Sound of the Forest Long Bow Your Empire *Harvesting Trees High Elf
Golden Diadem Killing War Trolls/*Harvesting Trees High Elf
Sharp Arrow Your Empire *Harvesting Trees High Elf
Leather Quiver Emergent Isle Treasure Chest High Elf
Wooden Ocarina Desert Isle Stone Golem Boss High Elf
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12 Responses to “Facebook Social Empires Collections Guide”

  1. you can get sharp arrow by going to an enemy empire and killing a light unit,a draggie,or an elf unit

  2. you get the sharp tusk from going to enemy empires and killing a spearman or a light unit

  3. bahamut heart? where can i can the collections

  4. Golden Bahamut: Dragon isle, Celestial isle, and Monster isle…..
    Red Bahamut: Dragon isle, Necro isle ,Monster isle….

  5. Wheres the Bahamut collections?

  6. What does the crocodile pit do???

  7. What does the life tree do??

  8. add the dragons

  9. to reedem them they will be in your box but if you mean finish them go to collections and click finish

  10. how do we redeem these units?

  11. Sharp Arrow???

  12. nice but, can you explain what are they useful to? please

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