Facebook GodsWar Online Archille’s Champion Guide


Here comes my little contribution to champion’s guides (mostly on Sparta’s side, but it is possible to adapt it to Athens)… hope it will be usefull to make a good start!
Everything was done by TP grinding and leveling, so the philosphy here (and i won’t discuss it here!!!) is to maximize the pair (Exp;TP) so we still gain a decent rate of exp and TP.
Just note that i made it by grinding TP and without speaking about Quests, but you can use quests if you want in order to gain Exp, Exp + TP or money… then this guide should be a kind of “Ariane’s Wire” to check regularly if you’re on the good built!


Some people tell me that champions are kind of warriors, but i would simply compare it to Assassins (sins) in other MMORPG.
They have to go fast breaking the lines and killing people. Main target should be to maximize offensive build, but other build can be tested,
Maximizing defence would be ridiculous since I would recommend making a warrior instead, but it hadn’t been tested so maybe it could, but not sure if it would really be efficient.

2-Build axis #1: OFFENSIVE AXIS:

This is the main axis you should focus on most of Champion’s build. This should give you the basic HIT RATE (important for raising the chance of hitting mobs) plus 30 melee damage per level ( + ) and +0.5% melee bonus damage. This axis is a must have for this class since first aim is ATTACK POWER.

3-Build Axis #2: DEFENSIVE AXIS:

It appears that major parts of mobs till level 40 provide melee damages. After 40 and especially from 55 till 65 it seems that more mobs are using magical damages (but you can still find only melee attackers).
So I think it is better to begin putting melee defence till the beginning of your build (let’s say level 20 or so) and then begin to add some magical defence and damage absorption once you hit 40 (or a little below).

4-Build Axis #3: REGEN AXIS:

This build seems to be misunderstood since i think it is one of the best things to add to champions. They seems to be able to gain the best HP regeneration rate +16 HP added each level, then just imagine you got a big offense & defence plus an outstanding HP regeneration rate. Add outstanding Dodging rate and you would be quite invincible. Moreover it will be a holy grail when you need to grind better mobs at high level…

At level 20 (stats added thru this build):

HP = 20 * 50 = 1000 HP

HP Regen Rate = 20 * 16 = 320HP added

MP Regen Rate = 20 * 3 = 60MP added

At level 40 (stats added thru this build):

HP = 40 * 50 = 2000 HP

HP Regen Rate = 40 * 16 = 640HP added

MP Regen Rate = 40 * 3 = 120MP added

Then it appears that the best skill here is HP regeneration since MP regeneration is too small to be really interesting at the beginning and HP base is already high enough not to need to raise more HP, but if you want fast HP regeneration then you have to choose also to add more HP. Then i would recommend not to put any points into MP regeneration since it isn’t worth yet the TP points you’ll have to collect (40 level = +120 MP regeneration). However, it will probably be of great use as soon as you are very high level. Why?
Simply because as soon as your MP bar is empty, you will have more MP every 3 sec, and you’ll ask me yes but what will be the gain? In fact imagine you get 120 MP every 3 seconds, if you add 4*20 = 80 MP then you would have 200 MP every 3 seconds. Then you could use most of your skills every 3 seconds and wouldn’t be that limited!

5-Build Axis #4: HEALING AXIS:

Just use it to raise the number of HP a potion or a healer will restore. For instance, if you got a 1000 HP potion 2.5% healing done in this passive skill you would restore 1025 HP, got it? Then it is not important to begin putting some points into this skill before you engage in PvP, time will tell when you really need more HP restored. I prefer, from my testing, using a good HP regeneration that is good for PvP and PvE.

6-Build Axis #5: ADVANCED AXIS:

I think that the best is to raise your dodging rate in order to be less hit, then casting net is a must have (+4 Dodge Rate per level so 160 Dodging rate added at level 40, Good luck to hit me because you would have 40 * (4+2) = 240 ;) ). You can also add HIT RATING even if i think it’s not so important for PvE (more for PvP) and critical bonus (interesting to raise this one constantly because it will help you kill faster mobs since you’ll make more crit hits!!!) / resistance (useless at low level only important when you’ll want to pk),
As far as I’m concerned, I would recommend maximizing dodging rate / Hit rate then critical bonus and then critical resistance (since you would be less hit thanks to my dodging rate,)… So at high level (80 or upper or at least when you want to engage in PvP) you’ll have to put more points in crit res and all other passive skills…

These tactics are meant to be used for spartan Champions… sry for Athens since i’m currently working on it

1-Tactics to level till level 80

The sequence to gain level was cut into scenes. You should always gather new gears and scrolls before you hit 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60, Thus you’ll be entirely equipped as you hit this new level. Always remember no to forget to have both defence parts (melee & magic) to switch if the mobs seems to hit you too much. Try also to collect parts with additional defence & additional attack power.

1 important difference to make:

  • melee damage is the amount of points added to your base attack power.
  • melee damage % bonus is the rate added to your base attack power to compose your full attack power.

Well i would’nt tell ya the same thing as for mage (since % damage bonus is at the very end of the path, but here in the middle so you got to raise it if you want to ch the +20 melee damage per round). But what is important is to know when it begins to be really efficient to add % melee bonus.

Then imagine you got a base melee damages at 1300 and that you got 22 points on the attack build.
22 points = 11% melee damage bonus added = 1300 * 11% = 143 points added (we see that it isn’t really worth at low level)
Now imagine that you got 2000 and 25 points raised on the attack build.
25 points = 12.5% melee damage bonus added = 2000 * 12.5% = 250 (that exactly corresponds to the +10 * 25 melee damage gained)

So do not forget that you’ll see more and more these % bonus effects as you level and go higher level (80 and more).

Sparta’s suburb’s map

A – Level 1 – 11: Sparta’s Suburb

You’ve got some choice (you can raise defence if you prefer but it wouldn’t be the most efficient build at the beginning), but if I were you I would begin killing little dummies near the camp (don’t remember the name atm but #1 on the map) for at least farming 150 TP points till lvl 11. At that level try to get all good gears to be the most effective killing mobs + try to get scrolls for your level. Your primary build should be focused on the attack axis. Then you should at least spend your first 150 TP entirely for this kind of build in order to be strong enough to be able to solo if you want. Then you should be at level 11 with +210 melee damage / melee bonus damage+3.5% and Hit Rate of
+21 (number of TP points used = 36 * 4 = 144). I personally choose to put 7 points into offensive axis but also 7 in melee defence ( 27 * 4 = 158 TP points). You should’nt try to kill mobs with level above level 7 (killing snakes as strongest mobs so #2 on the map)

B – Level 12 – 21: Sparta’s Suburb

I would now switch to mobs like Treasure Box (level 12 or so in #3 or #4). Kill those till you become level 21 or 22. You should earn about 150 more Tp points. These points should be used for raising your defensive stats. Then you should continue to raise your offensive axis till level 9 and your defensive axis too.
Number of TP points used: Offense axis: 4* 21 + 3* 19 = 84 + 57 = 141

Then you should be level 9 on the offensive axis and level 6 on the defensive axis, giving you these added stats:

+270 melee damage

+4.5% melee bonus damage

+63 melee defence

+ 42 magic defence

Just note at this time that you can stop leveling and continue TP farming by finding a spot with at least 3 mobs of the same level and AFK.
You need 3 mobs of the same level in order to fully gain your TP when you reach 10 level above their level, else you would not earn TP from mobs below this level.

For instance if you’re level 28 and you kill 3 mobs level 18, you will always gain 1 TP each  17 turns (50 / 3 )…
but if you are level 28 and kill 2 mobs level 18 and 1 level 17 then you’ll gain only 1 TP each 25 turns (50/2)..
So do you see why it is important to find such spots!!!

Peloponnesus’ map

C – Level 22 – 31: Sparta’s Suburb or Peloponnese

At this point you should be strong enough to kill Lions (#5 on the map) or Vipers (#7 on the map) in Sparta’s suburbs (or go Peloponnese if you prefer to kill spiders, what I exactly did). You should again gain a minimum of 150 TP points to use it into the Offensive & Defensive axis this way.

Remember that spiders are a good way of earning TP since there are few people grinding on these kind of mobs. You’ll find some spots with at least 4 level 28 Huge spiders… got there and AFK.

D – Level 32 – 41: Peloponnese

I would then kill Boas (#1 on the map) without being next to Boss’s respawn point. Use repeated quest in Peloponnese (next to Boa’s spot) to earn much more TP if you want or just grind. You should also target at least 150 TP. I would add a litlle more magic defence + dmg absorb in order to be able to kill skeletons (#4 on the map). else choose to kill scorpions (#3 on the map,but you’ll get less TP per unit of time since their density is far less). Follow the TP distribution table to see what the goals i would follow at this level.

E – Level 42 – 51: Peloponnese

You can continue to kill skeletons (#4) or scorpions (#3) or if you are strong enough go to tackle wizzards (#5 or #6) in Peloponnese. At 50 you can swich to wolves in Nemea (or lions)…
Just to note that there are some spots with at least 3 or more level 48 wizzards in #5… just in case you want to grind a bit more TP with a level cap of 58.

Nemea’s map

F – Level 52 – 61: Nemea

You should start or continue to kill wolves (#1) or lions (#2) till you are mid 50. Then just switch to kill some Huge frog (level 55 / 56) if you need to maximize exp.

G – Level 62 – 71: Nemea

I would continue to kill Huge frogs till i’m level 70 since it is a good exp / TP pair at that level… (if you see at 62 that you are still a little weak, try to kill some wolves lvl 52 and then next level kill lions lvl 43 so that you can earn more TP at the beginning of this level. However, i think the best (Exp;TP) pair in pure grinding is the best with Huge frogs (It is quite hard to level close to level 70 with wolves).

G – Level 72 – 81: Nemea / Argolis

I would recommend to begin killing some Forest female Warriors in #7 on the map… It should gives you 101 exp per kill at the beginning. The best spot to kill those till late 70 would be the spot past the little rock on the right side of the river (completely at the top)… since the whole group of 4/5 is level 72… then just continue to kill them till you’re at least 78 (or till 80 if you can)…
If you want to get good gears (also by trying to compound loots) at 80 you should try to kill robbers kelin in Argolis… they give good gears to compound and a good TP / Exp so you’ll get quicker to 80.

It is the minimum i advise you to raise selected passive skills

10 8 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 152
20 10 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 144
30 11 10 6 0 0 0 0 0 151
40 12 12 8 0 0 0 0 0 181
50 14 14 10 0 0 0 0 0 276
60 16 16 12 0 0 0 0 0 372
70 18 18 13 10 10 10 0 0 887
80 22 22 18 10 15 15 15 15
90 30 30 20 15 20 20 20 20 5858

So you can see that after level 60 it will be really important not to level too fast (i mean continuing to maximize your TP return by level) because you see on the table above that your TP needs begin to raise quite exponentionaly.
Also note, that if you want to engage in PvP you should raise your critical bonus / resistance closed to levzel 20. Do not forget as i told you before that this char isn’t really a warrior, but it is quite close to an assassin who has less HP & Def than warriors but should use their own class advantage: critical hit… it is a must have in PvP!!!

Just to give you a little update:
At level 80 i’m currently 24 in the offensive build + 24 in melee def (18 in Hit Rate+5 & Critical Bonus) and 18 on the defensive build


·There is a 10 level mob’s level difference from your character’s level to earn TP points. Then if you want to farm TP, just find a region where you would maximize the number of kills per minute,

·Try to begin farming lots of TPs in order to try to be lvl 10 on each passive skill.

·This game is a good balance between TP farming and exping, so don’t only try to do the first or the latter.

·If you know you are going to switch to new mobs, keep some TP and try your gears on these mobs and watch what you are hit. Try to be hit less than -20. If not, you’ll need to add magical / melee defence (depending the kind of mobs you actually hunt)
+ damage absorption.

For instance:
Imagine a mob hitting you -30 with magical damages.
If you put 1 more point in magical defence and damage absorption, you would only be hit -30 + 14 = -16 which is fairly easy to handle with HP regeneration.

·If you want to maximize the number of kills per minute, just wander around and aggro some mobs, then try to gather them at one point and AFK all your skills. Do it again and again and you would have the most exp & TP you can have without questing. Add also quests if you want.

·Beware of people trying to aggro some bosses to kill you and take your spot, so go a bit farther to solve this problem. Also try to find a spot where there is no tree or things that can screw up your char… also note that some player will try to aggro mobs to try to screw your char in order to take your spot (sometimes also calling people from the other faction to clear the spot… yeah i know it so do not tell it is fake)

·Begin to collect new gears as you approach new level barrier (10 / 20 / 30 /40 / 50 / 60 …let’s say 1 level before is good enough). Always try to compound gears before you hit these new levels.

·Collect only the most skill books you can (especially try to fill your whole second bag after you got it at level 60), it should be your most valuable items dropped since it is quite frequent and can now be traded with merchants to get quite a good sum of money. Try to keep those which seems to be scarce and sell the all lvl 1 (since you can buy it at skill vendor)… At level 60 you should be able to collect at least 50k silver quite easily doing this… (It can also be a major way of starting to settle your own guild)

·Try to find some spots with at least 3 or 4 mobs of the same level whenever you can… if you do, then you know that you can cap your level and continue grinding some TP at a decent rate (at least 10 to 14 an hour is decent. Less than 10 isn’t…)

·Try only to open iron boxes with level 80+ (100+ is better but 80+ could help you when you becomes high level)

·At 80 you should compound rings (those which gives you MATK or ATK) to get at least enhanced rings with both physical & attack power for champions & warriors (or magical & MATK for priests & Mages)


Some remarks which could help people a bit through the art of compounding:

  • If you compound 4 common gears you got strong probabilities to make an enhanced gear.
  • Don’t try to compound gears worse than common or it will give the same poor quality
  • If you compound 4 commons and put a 2 bonus common gear on the second slot, you got strong probability to get a 2 attributes gear (also enhanced will have less probability)
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  5. the champ skills available are here,


    i think you just need to choose the skills that you like and that suit the way you like to play, don't have to worry too much about them =]

  6. what skill 2 put! im really confuse i want to be a really strong champ :( im just a beginner pls rep! ei what dummies?

  7. what skill 2 put! im really confuse i want to be a really strong champ :( im just a beginner pls rep!

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