Class 3A Driving Test Assessment Checklist

Class 3A automatic vehicle driving test assessment checklist
or read the Class 3 Driving Test Assessment Checklist


A penalty is indicated by a tick. A tick in a circle indicates ‘Immediate Failure’. A tick in a box carries demerit points shown beside the box. A tick in a box with a diagonal line carries no demerit point.
One Immediate Failure or accumulation of 20 demerit points constitutes a failure.

Demerit Item

Narrow Course

1 Strike kerb
2 Mount kerb
3 Require reverse manoeuvre
4 Require additional reverse manoeuvre
5 Fail to confirm safety


6 Strike pole down/Strike pole out of position
7 Strike Pole/ Strike kerb
8 Mount Kerb
9 Turn steering whilst vehicle is stationary
10 Require additional reverse manoeuvre/attempt
11 Exceed stipulated time
12 Fail to confirm safety


13 Roll backwards
14 Unable to move off after 5 attempts

Moving/Reversing up the ramp

15 Strike Pole
16 ‘Runoff’ Ramp
17 Incorrect technique
18 Incorrect positioning
19 Unable to drive/reverse up Ramp
20 Strike kerb

Emergency Stop

21 Unable to stop within stipulated distance
22 Incorrect technique

Moving Off

23 Fail to fasten seat-belt
24 Fail to release handbrake
25 Delay in moving off
26 Insufficient acceleration
27 Fail to ensure gear selection in ‘N’/’P’ position before start/stop engine
28 Move off with gear selection in wrong position
29 Fail to apply brake when shifting ‘D’ or ‘R’

Forward Driving

30 Fail to keep left (road hogging)
31 Fail to keep a safe following distance
32 Change lane at bend
33 Fail to keep within lane
34 Veer off course
35 Fail to overtake when necessary
36 Fail to slow down when approaching road hazards
37 Speed too slow
38 Change lane abruptly
39 Change lane without due care
40 Fail to take precaution against pedestrian/cyclist
41 Not enough side clearance given to other road users/object
42 Stop on the Pedestrian Crossing
43 Fail to give way to pedestrian at Pedestrian Crossing
44 Drive across the centre line
45 Fail to obey Traffic Rule/Mandatory/Prohibitory sign
46 Exceed speed limit
47 Fail to give way to traffic with right of way
48 Cause other vehicles to slow down or take evasive action
49 Unnecessary stopping


50 Incorrect positioning
51 Cause inconvenience to cross traffic
52 Improper turning
53 Fail to stop at stop-line
54 Fail to form up correctly
55 Remain in the junction

Safety Check

56 Fail to check blind spot
57 Incorrect checking of blind spot/mirror
58 Fail to adjust mirror before driving
59 Fail to check mirror before moving off, slowing down, turning
60 Fail to check mirror before changing lane/overtaking
61 Fail to look out for traffic


62 Fail to apply brake when vehicle is stationary
63 Incorrect braking technique

Driver’s Signal

64 Fail to signal in good time
65 Fail to signal/Give wrong signal
66 Fail to cancel signal

Traffic Signal

67 Proceed on Amber Light/Blinking Green Arrow
68 Proceed on Red Light

69 Improper action causing accident/near accident
70 Slow reaction in avoiding danger caused by others

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Class 3A Driving Test Assessment Checklist
Class 3 Driving Test Assessment Checklist

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